10 Day Mike Oldfield Superquiz

The competition has now closed. The prize was a signed photograph of Mike and a hardback photobook in a presentation sleeve, containing high resolution colour photographs from the new biography, Mike Oldfield - A Life Dedicated To Music. The biography contains many previously unpublished stories and images, but the print process means that the images are reproduced in black and white, so the limited edition photobook presents them in their ultimate photographic quality.


The extract above shows Mike as a schoolboy in Reading, on holiday in Blanes in 1967 and an early portrait of Mike by friend Chris Braclik from 1970. The photobook has been manufactured as a limited edition of 25 numbered copies, one of which will be used as the prize.

If you have any trouble finding the answers to the quiz, you can of course find them all in the new hardback biography, as well as lots of previously unpublished information, such as the memories of Chris Braclik, who learned to play guitar with Mike, played at his first gigs at The Blues Club with Mike in Reading, travelled with him to the Edinburgh Festival in 1967 and later recorded Mike's earliest known compositions in his own band. Stories from Sally Oldfield, Terry Oldfield, Caroline Monk, Jeremy Parker, Rick Fenn, Philip Newell, Barry Palmer, Les Penning, Phil Becque, Roy Rashbrook, Carrie Melbourne, Paul Harris and many others reveal great insight into the professional life of Mike Oldfield. There are over 50 photos and images, many never published before, including childhood photos such as Mike's first holiday without his parents in Blanes aged 14 and track sheets for Tubular Bells III and The Millennium Bell.

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